Willed Definition Easy

Our recently retired neighbour “bequeathed” his position to his own son. God wanted the Holy Spirit to dispense His influences to put the purposes of mercy into action. The latter method is reserved for volunteers and adventurers, especially in India`s small town, where dating is a relatively new social phenomenon that carries a lot of stigma. She always dressed in black, was very pious and rich and thin and iron. “He kind of wanted us to win,” Mountaineers coach Rich said. Her cold hand was over her mouth and head on her body because she was too far away to move if she wanted to. Be that as it may, the innocence that once had to be sought is now reflexive; And the self-proclaimed literary reader laughs out loud at the sparkle of a fart dog. But Providence wanted it to be otherwise; for Mr. Sleek suddenly entered his conservatory in a state of considerable excitement. Pau was out and I wanted to do it somehow. But the Iraqi people were willing, a great people, and they trusted them to run their affairs.

Is it a little unbelievable that Spencer once again plays the strong-willed woman with a heart of gold? One must live a life of willful ignorance and denial to question what Israel has said. One of the arguments that amuses me to use with people who believe guns are both inherently evil and somehow idiosyncratic is that there are far more guns in private hands in America today than at almost any time in the past, people seem less civilian than ever before. We see more than ever how pathetic some politicians treat citizens. But political assassinations are less frequent today than ever. The current societal narrative surrounding the ultra-processed foods that dominate today`s food environment is that the people who struggle to eat them in moderation — the majority of Americans — are weak. The misfortune, Fatality, had it that a drop of water thicker than the surrounding medium flowed through one of the mollusks. Carol was strong-willed and energetic – she taught and ran marathons until her chemotherapy. Your will is your desire or will to do something, so a strong person is someone with a powerful will.

This can be positive or negative. A child who insists on going to the zoo in the rain is stubbornly willful. Someone with deep convictions is willing in a better way. A hero – or anyone of courage – is willing. You must be determined to stand up for what you believe in in difficult situations. “Mom was very strong-willed, like people of her generation,” Short said. My first child, although extremely strong-willed, is physically quite gentle and cautious (not to say somewhat incapable), but my second, whoo boy, she is busy. The military appointments, as well as the bureaucratic and judicial appointments, were made for political reasons by both parties of both dynasties – Sheikh Hasina`s Awami League (AL), inherited from her father, and Khaleda Zia`s Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), inherited from her husband (readers will recall how Benazir Bhutto`s Pakistan People`s Party was “desired” by her husband). There`s the Providence Place Mall, which Cianci launched as retail stores were fleeing downtown. Someone who has a strong will does not give up easily. A strong person is determined.

He whispered his name and wanted to stay awake.