World Rugby Scrum Laws

Scramble is a resumption of play that takes place after a minor violation such as a forward pass. It is a physical competition for possession and, therefore, as with any contact, safety must be a paramount criterion. Players, coaches and referees all have a responsibility to ensure that the crowd is fair, competitive and safe. It is imperative that all players understand the right techniques for their position and work with their opponent to stay standing. A scrum appears on the field when eight players from each team, who are tied together in three rows for each team, approach their opponents in such a way that the heads of the front rows fit together. This creates a tunnel into which a half-jostle throws the ball, allowing frontline players to fight for possession by hooking the ball with one of their feet. In the scrum, the non-offending team has the advantage of throwing the ball, usually on the left side of the scrum. The defensive side has the opportunity to regain possession of the ball, either by trying to hook the ball to the throw, or by pushing the attacking team back on the ball. The scramble restarts the game and the open play follows when the ball comes out of the fray.